Friday, June 10, 2011

Left Over Pot Roast? Make Black Bean Chili!

Yup, I'm not much of a pot roast fan, but my husband and his father like it and it's one of the less expensive cuts of meat that I just can't pass up when on sale. However, we always end up with a huge chunk of that grisselly fatty meat left over. Usually it gets put into a sandwich for lunch the next day, then sits in the fridge till it turns into a nice little dog snack for Nelly and Scooby.

This time, we had such a large roast, there was just too much to let go to waste. I got this idea that since the old fashioned ground up suet meat that we used to get to make chili con carne was mostly fat with a little beef in it, why couldn't I grind up the left over pot roast and use it the same way? Guess what? It turned out super delicious!! We trimmed off as much of the fat and grissle as we could, chopped it up in the food processor and then added it to a pot of black beans, seasoned it up for chili and it was fantastic!!

Getting creative with leftovers is soooo much fun, especially when it turns out well :)

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