Wednesday, March 09, 2011


I love enchilada's, but rarely make them because I never really cared for the red sauce from the can. My mother used it, but she always added left over gravies from other meals, like chicken gravy or roast beef gravy or even both kinds of gravy added to the same red enchilada sauce, and they were always delicious. Actually, now that I think on it, I believe she used those powdered sauce spices you buy in the envelop and doctored those up instead of the cans, or maybe both from time to time. She was a Super Mom, career woman on her own with kids, before the term was even coined and back in the 60's there weren't many kitchen shortcuts like there are nowadays. (Isn't it amazing how delicious pre cooked food from the market deli's are now? We take it for granted but the meals you can make with a simple roasted chicken picked up on the way home are wonderful!)

Well, I had left over pork adobo taco meat, left over frijoles, onions and other taco fixings that I usually make into a taco salad, but it was a cold and gloomy, rainy day and I wasn't in the mood for a cold salad meal. Aha! Why not make Enchilada's! Meat, cheese, onions, corn tortillas, a little bit of this and that all rolled up together with enchilada sauce, huh-oh, I don't buy enchilada red sauce, not a can of it in the house and I was about to give up on the idea since I didn't have any left over gravies either. Dumb idea Clarisse, and it hit me. Doh! The internet silly woman! Recipes are all over it, I've been trying new stuff for years now, ever since I got "connected" and Viola, several home made enchilada sauce recipesright at my fingertips . They are really super simple too, and guess what? Delicious!! I should have taken a picture but my family devoured them before I could get the camera out.

What's my point? I'm an idiot sometimes. It's like when the power goes out and you think you can't use your gas stove because it has electric ignition switches and all you really need to do is hold a match up to the burner to get fire LOL!!!

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