Thursday, July 21, 2011

Pizza Sauce

I want Pizza!! But I don't want to pay a gazillion bucks for it, plus I want it now!! Not in 45 minutes or more. So? I dug out a can of tomato sauce, dumped some dried basil, oregano, a pinch of thyme and bunch of re-hydrated minced garlic and a packet of crushed red peppers from the last pizza delivery in a little saucepan, warmed it up so the flavors could blend and Viola! Yummy pizza sauce! I looked up recipes online, and there are a bunch of them but what I was hoping to find was a Copykat recipe for Pappa Murphy's Take N Bake red sauce. All I could find was the garlic ranch chicken sauce. I might try that the next time I have left over chicken meat, tonight all I had for my toppings was thin sliced sandwich ham, sliced black olives and medium cheddar cheese. Came out a bit greasy from the cheddar, but smacked those pizza craving buttons and I am extremely satisfied :) Oh! It's an old sour dough bread round I had in the freezer that I used for the crust. I guess that makes it Pizza Bread instead. Either way, I sure hope I can duplicate my sauce 'cause it was delicious!!

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