Saturday, June 06, 2009

As The Kittens Grow

At 4 weeks old: I was so worried that Xena was going to harm the kittens and I couldn't have been more wrong. She practically adopted them as her own, or thought she was one of them, I'm not sure which but she was constantly with them along with their mommy. She's been a perfect Auntie Xena and Stimpy is the best momma kittie I've ever had.

At 5 weeks they've managed to climb out of the basket and have discovered the yarn, and wrestling. They were so clumsy and so cute and have so much fun together.

At 7 weeks: They have discovered climbing around the furniture. That's my doublebed knitting machine under the cover, my Knittin Kittens :)

All that rambunciousness takes a heavy toll, naps are taken often throughout the day.

Auntie Xena and Sunday, he's 9 weeks in this shot.

Taken tonight, my little cat family. The babies will be 10 weeks old this weekend and if I don't take them to find new homes now I'm going to miss my "ooohh aren't they soo cute and little!" window and my hubby will not be pleased if that happens. 5 cats is just too much for him to take, but me? I'd love to keep them all :)

Don't they look so content and happy? I need to get a better shot of Saturday's face, it's orange and white striped on one side and brown and white striped on the other other side. Two Face would be a good name for her :)


Cerita said...

Oh Clarisse I am just squealing with delight! They are soooooooo cute, I love kittens and puppies. Just adorable, too bad you weren't closer, I would have taken one for sure LOL!

Clarisse said...

Thanks Cera :) I did give away one of them to a lady who had just had to put down her 15 year old cat, but now I have 4 cats!! I love them all and they are just too cute and I couldn't give them up, but I think if we were closer, I could have shared one with you too :)