Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Kitty Grandma

No lack of drama here! Stimpy snuck this one in, she never showed any signs of being in heat and there were none of the tell-tale male cat fights at night either. She just snuck out, went next door where there are a couple of boys one afternoon and here is the end result. Please, spare me the lectures, I've heard them all :)
Anyway, to continue the drama, she went into labor Saturday afternoon and #1 was born around 10:30 pm (the calico with the light grey body and black head). #2 was born about 6 or so hours later on Sunday (orange tabby, the only boy). I knew there was still at least one more baby in there, but all day Sunday went by, I looked it up online and was advised by several websites that it's known to take this long but I should take her to the Vet. I decided that since she didn't show any signs of being in any kind of distress or discomfort, if the baby didn't come before the end of business on Monday, I would take her. Thank goodness Stimpy decided to save me that bill and #3, a darker calico, arrived Monday afternoon. Whew! Talk about cutting it close :) All are doing great. She decided to deliver in my bed, I'm hoping to save my white comfortor and white and pink sheets, but I found some great stain removing formulas to try. Besides, the sheets are old and isn't that why the make Duvet's? I'm just happy to have babies in the house again.
Xena isn't being threatening but I still don't trust her so I'm keeping them in different rooms. It was rather noisey the first couple of nights, Xena is the queen bee and believes the whole world revolves around her so she's a bit confused at being locked into the back bedroom. Oh well, she'll get over it. I did introduce her this morning and she behaved, but I still just don't trust her. Stimpy thought it was great to be able show off her brood to her evil sister. But she's such a nice kitty and Xena is, well, Xena :)


Anonymous said...

AWwww! Those are sweet babies!

Cerita said...

Oh my gosh, I could cry! I love kittens and congrats to you Clarisse! What a lovely scene!