Friday, July 10, 2009

4th of July, 2009

The real joy of moving back to California is that the bulk of my grandchildren live here too. They are only 2 hours away, up in the Sierra Nevada Foothills. My Mother and 2 sisters and their families are only an hour and a half away too. It would be nice if they were closer but I also have Aunts and Uncles right here in the East Bay too. My mother in-law and her husband are up in the Sierra's closer to my daughter too, so it all works out quite nicely :) Now, if I could get my son out of Florida..... and Alex out of Canada.... but this will have to do for now. We keep hoping to get Alex for the summer again, but there are complications with the new passport laws and his citizenship, maybe we can get it all ironed out for next summer.
What's even more perfect is that even though my daughter and I have a somewhat volatile relationship, it's really great right now and I'm going to enjoy every last single minute of it!! We were able to join them for the Fireworks show at Don Pedro Reservoir and it was a very lovely evening. Not too hot at all and the display was wonderful. They have some new to me fireworks that are the big chrysanthemums and then the tips of the chrysanthemum burst into to tiny chrysanthemums. Very very beautiful, I wish I'd have been able to get a shot, but I need to get a larger memory card. I ran out of space on the camera, but more importantly, I did get these shots :)
Grandpa and Selene (aka Squish becuase she's soft and squishy :)

Squish, Grandpa and Becca

My little angels with their glow in the dark "Halo's" Severen and Trinity.

Giddy Up, Dawg!

Becca and Justin getting ready for the fireworks display at Don Pedro Reservoir.
Let Freedom Ring!

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