Friday, October 23, 2009

Sock Stealing Kitty

Meet Luna. She is one of the 2 babies I just couldn't bare to part with so, yes, I have 4 cats now. Xena isn't happy about it, she still thinks she is the queen bee around here and makes sure that all the other "kids" know that she is the boss of them, but they all enrich my life so much and I love 'em. The topic of cats and knitting comes up frequently on the chat/email groups I participate in and today was no exception. I remembered I had managed to take these photo's of my little sock and yarn theives and wanted to share them while it was still on my mind.

This orange tabby is my male kitty, Sunshine. Luna is relaxing on the top of a bin stack. I had thought this shelf arrangement for my yarns that are in plastic cases would work, I was way wrong. The "kids" think it's great fun to knock them to the ground. It reminds me of the way my children used to love to spill stuff all over the floor, just so they could watch me clean it up LOL!! So now I have my heavier cones up on that shelf. So far so good, they are squatty and heavy and can't be pushed off the edge so easily.

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